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Report – Evangelical Women Have Had Enough Of Trump: ‘We Are All Embarrassed’

According to a new report, white women who identify themselves as “evangelicals” are filled with regret for voting for Donald Trump in 2016 because they believed he shared their values. They have now changed their views and “are all embarrassed” for ever believing in the president.

The New York Times questioned the demographic about how they saw the president now vs what they saw when they voted for him.

As one woman put it: “We are embarrassed.”

According to the Pew Research Center, white evangelical women have drastically lost support for Trump. Recent surveys show that the demographic that once heavily sided with the president has dropped 13 percentage points.

Carol Rains, a white evangelical Christian who hails from Dallas, said she still shares Trump’s believes when it comes to his agenda, but wishes someone would challenge him.

“I would like for someone to challenge him, but it needs to be somebody that’s strong enough to go against the Democrats,” Rains explained as one of her friends, Linda Leonhart added, “I will definitely take a look to see who has the courage to take on a job like this and do what needs to be done.”

The two women admitted that Trump’s “pettiness, impulsiveness, profanity and name calling” is cringeworthy.

“Certainly we are all embarrassed, but for the most part he represents what we stand for,” explained Leonhart.

According to Christian radio host Carmen Fowler LaBerge, “I don’t know any evangelical woman who is going to defend the character of the president. Many things the president says and does are things that many evangelicals use as examples with our kids of what they should not do.”

Karen Swallow Prior, a professor at staunchly Christian Liberty University, was happy to see that some of her fellow Christians are starting to open their eyes and are opposing Trump.

“Now that Trump is in office and we are evaluating his performance then, I am glad to see that people are less in lockstep and thinking critically about him as a leader, and it doesn’t surprise me that his overall support would decline from 80 percent,” she explained.

“I was one of those culture war evangelicals in the ’80s and ’90s,” she continued. “I was appalled by the candidacy and presidency of Bill Clinton. It was hammered into my mind that character mattered, and that did change when Trump came along. In some ways, I felt betrayed by my evangelical peers who taught me and cemented in me the idea that character matters. I didn’t abandon that belief. I feel like some evangelicals did.”

You can read more confessions in the full article HERE.

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