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Evangelist James Dobson Just Called For A Day Of Prayer And Fasting To Save Trump From Impeachment

James Dobson, a known evangelist, spoke at a conference with religious leaders on Monday and called on all Christians to join together for a day of prayer and fasting in order to save Donald Trump from getting impeached.

Dobson was speaking with leaders of Intercessors for America, a Christian group that believes fasting can alter world events, when he said, “This country will be in serious trouble if they’re successful in impeaching this man.”

“I’m calling for a nationwide movement to pray for him,” Dobson continued. “I’m calling for a day of fasting and prayer. I hope that Christian people from coast to coast will join in that time; the date is your choosing, but we do need to be praying for our president.”

“The Lord played a role in the election of Donald Trump” Dobson continued before adding, “He was raised up for such a time as this.”

“It seemed evident on election night that the Lord gave us victory,” Dobson added.“So Lord, if that is true, we ask you to protect our president from anything that could hurt him.”

You can listen to the audio clip below:

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