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Even Republicans Think Trump Is Crazy: GOP Senator Just Suggested Trump Should Consult Therapist

After Trump’s extended press conference where he blasted coverage of multiple administration controversies, a GOP Senator sent out a text message to CNN’s John King, suggesting the president should see his therapist.

Trump used his press conference to brag about his electoral win, like he does often, and acknowledged that the leaks about his administration were true, but contradicted his statement by saying the news about it was “fake.”

”The leaks are real, but the news is fake,” Trump said.

“I got a text from a Republican senator who said in this text, ‘He should do this with a therapist, not on live television,'” King reported, noting that he also received texts from Democrats.

It is unknown which GOP Senator sent out the message as King did not reveal who it was.

Trump also went on Twitter to say that Democrats made up Russia’s meddling with the election as a form of excuse.

“The Democrats had to come up with a story as to why they lost the election, and so badly (306), so they made up a story — RUSSIA. Fake news!” he tweeted.

“FAKE NEWS media, which makes up stories and ‘sources,’ is far more effective than the discredited Democrats — but they are fading fast!”


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