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Ever Wonder What Trump Does At Mar-A-Lago? HINT: It’s A Major Conflict Of Interest


Ever Wonder What Trump Does At Mar-A-Lago? HINT: It’s A Major Conflict Of Interest

The White House made a promise that Donald Trump would not talk policy at his private Mar-A-Lago resort because it would mean the president would be profiting from the presidency while selling access to his administration.

Attorney Alan Dershowitz has provided proof that the president has in fact violated that promise. The famous attorney described how Trump talked policy with him at the club.

Dershowitz described having dinner at Trump’s private club where no policy is supposed to be discussed, “Then we schmoozed about a range of issues, the travel ban, the Supreme Court. Then he went and had dinner, and then he came back at the end of dinner just to say goodbye, and then he hung out again for about another ten or fifteen minutes schmoozing about a range of issues talking about the media talking about the leaks of information coming out about classified material.”

This adds a lot of suspicion as to why Trump is heading almost every weekend to Florida. There are no logs of visitors at Mar-a-Lago made public, so there’s no way of knowing who the president is talking policy with.

According to Dershowitz, the president took him aside and had a private conversation about a foreign issue. He said, “We really talked about substantive issues of his choosing.”

It’s time to demand an investigation as to why Donald Trump is taking so many weekend trips to Mar-A-Lago. He could very much be profiting while spending millions of taxpayer dollars.

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