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Ever Wonder Which Trump Tweet Is The Most Bizarre? The Daily Show Just Revealed The Answer… TAKE A LOOK

Donald Trump has tweeted some ridiculous tweets since he got a Twitter account. “The Daily Show” decided to hold a contest on which tweet is the “greatest Donald Trump tweet of all time.” On Wednesday night, they announced the winner.

Now, before revealing the winning tweet, Roy Wood Jr. and Hasan Minhaj revealed their favorite tweet from the president.

Roy Wood Jr. picked this Trump tweet:


“Highest level,” Roy Wood Jr. joked of Trump’s “Black-ish” tweet. “And we all know the racism scale, Hasan. It goes the N-word, slavery, ‘Black-ish.'”

Then Hassan picked his favorite tweet:


After the two gave their favorites, it was time to reveal which tweet America picked as the lucky winner. This is the tweet America chose:


“This may not be the meanest or the most racist,” Hasan said.

Then Roy Wood Jr. added, “but it will be the one tweet we will get the answer to in the next four years.”

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