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‘Evidence Of Criminality’: Trump Just Gave Investigators More Ammunition To Use Against Him

President Donald Trump’s Twitter attacks on former White House counsel Don McGahn have not only backfired — they could be used against him as “evidence of criminality,” according to J.W. Verret, a former member of Trump’s transition team who now supports impeachment.

Verret remarks came during an interview on CNN on Thursday.

“Do you feel the president has waived executive privilege,” asked host John Berman, “when it comes to Don McGahn testifying before Congress?”

“30 hours of testimony seems to be enough for a waiver to me,” replied Verret, referring to McGahn’s extensive cooperation with special counsel Robert Mueller.

“Does executive privilege even apply even if it wasn’t waived?” Verret asked rhetorically. “Because it can’t be used to hide criminal activity.”

“You can make the case, I think, that the tweet this morning waives executive privilege,” said Berman. “If he’s saying, ‘I didn’t tell Don McGahn to fire Robert Mueller,’ the only way Congress can find out if he did would be to ask Don McGahn.”

“There you go,” laughed Verret. “There’s all sort of great tweets that are going to be admissible in court and all sorts of things.”

Watch the interview below.

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