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Ex CIA And NSA Chief: Trump Is a “Clear and Present Danger,” “I Fear For Our Future”


Ex CIA And NSA Chief: Trump Is a “Clear and Present Danger,” “I Fear For Our Future”

During an interview on CNN, former NSA director Michael Hayden told host Jake Tapper that Donald Trump is a “clear and present danger” to America.

In the wake of the unprecedented developments involving Russia’s interference with our elections to help Trump defeat his Democratic opponent, Hayden’s warning about the danger the President-elect poses to our nation is even more pressing.

Before discussing a letter sent by 50 GOP security officials calling trump “Dangerous” and “The most reckless president in American history,” the CNN host played a video where Trump suggested at a campaign rally that Hillary Clinton should be assassinated if she became president. Tapper then asked Hayden about his reaction:

MICHAEL HAYDEN: “Look, we gotta call balls and strikes the way we see them, alright? We all felt strongly enough about what we believe to be a clear and present danger, that we felt compelled to say what we said.”

JAKE TAPPER: “You just called Donald Trump a clear and present danger.”

MICHAEL HAYDEN: “Well, if he governs in any way close to the language that he has used in the campaign, I fear for our future.”

Hayden went on to say that if anyone else did what Donald Trump did “he’d be in the back of a police car, with the Secret Service questioning him.”

Watch the interview below:

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