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Ex-CIA Operations Officer Looking To Buy Twitter In Order To Ban Donald Trump From It

Former CIA operations officer Valerie Plame Wilson started a GoFundMe account in order to collect enough funds to buy Twitter and ban Donald Trump from the social media platform.

According to the GoFundMe account, Wilson explains how “Donald Trump has done a lot of horrible things on Twitter. From emboldening white supremacists to promoting violence against journalists, his tweets damage the country and put people in harm’s way.”

“It’s time to shut him down. The bad news is Twitter has ignored growing calls to enforce their own community standards and delete Trump’s account,” Wilson continued. “The good news is we can make that decision for them. This GoFundMe will fund the purchase of a controlling interest in Twitter. At the current market rate that would require over a billion dollars — but that’s a small price to pay to take away Trump’s most powerful megaphone and prevent a horrific nuclear war.”

Wilson believes Trump’s tweets are a real danger to national security.

“There’s a real danger that Trump’s tweets could actually start a nuclear war. Let’s delete his account before that happens,” Wilson suggested. “Trump has fully weaponized Twitter: it’s not something that just happens ‘online.’ Time and again his use of this huge global platform has major consequences in the real world. With a single tweet, he can damage international relationships and alliances, spread fake news like a virus, embolden white supremacists to march in the streets, or send stock markets crashing or soaring.”

“Do we want to find out if his tweets can put nuclear missiles in the air, too?” Wilson asked?

Wilson later on spoke out on why it was so important to share her reasons on why she wanted to buy the major social media company.

“My hope in setting up this page was to shine a spotlight on just how dangerous Donald Trump’s use of Twitter really is. I wanted to reach new audiences and show them they don’t have to sit by while the Donald Trump uses this huge platform to undermine not just the moral fabric of this country, but our national security as well,” Wilson explained. “This isn’t about suppressing free speech online. It’s about taking a stand against reckless bravado and threats of nuclear violence that could have horrific consequences in the real world.”

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