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Ex-Deutsche Bank Exec: Bank May Have ‘Destroyed’ All Evidence Of Trump’s Tax Returns


The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has been attempting to make Donald Trump’s tax returns public and have been investigating Deutsche Bank to do so. But now, according to a former Deutsche Bank executive, the bank may have “destroyed” physical copies of Trump’s tax returns after they told the court that it no longer had them.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday rejected the outlets’ motion, revealing that the bank had informed the court that “the only tax returns it has for individuals and entities named in the subpoenas are not those of the president.”

But current and former bank officials told The New York Times that Deutsche Bank had portions of Trump’s personal and corporate tax returns.

Trump had relied on Deutsche Bank for loans for years after other financial institutions balked at doing business with his company after a series of defaults and bankruptcies.

Some of those records were obtained from Trump in 2011 when its private banking arm took on Trump as a client. A number of former bank executives reviewed the tax returns, bank officials told the outlet.

And just like Trump relied on Deutsche, Deutsche relied on information contained in the tax returns when it approved a series of loans to Trump in 2012, according to the Times.

David Enrich, the New York Times’ finance editor who spoke with the current and former bank officials, wrote that the bank “apparently got rid of” Trump’s tax returns even though officials say that it was “normal procedure at the bank to retain such records.”

When Enrich reached out to a former Deutsche Bank executive who had reviewed Trump’s tax returns about the bank’s claim that it no longer had the documents, the executive replied, “Holy f**k,” according to a screenshot of a text message exchange posted to Twitter.

The former executive suggested that the bank either “returned any physical copies or destroyed any physical copies under an agreement with a client and cleansed their servers.”

“Not normal though,” the executive added.

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