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Ex-DOJ Official Reveals Trump’s Taxes Are On The Verge Of Being Exposed: ‘A Giant Step Closer’


Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Harry Litman appeared on MSNBC on Monday and revealed that the New York District Attorney is inching closer to exposing Donald Trump’s tax returns.

The DA’s office demanded eight years of Trump’s taxes from his accounting firm while Trump’s allies in his cabinet have defied subpoenas and refused to comply with the Constitution.

While opening up the segment, host Nicolle Wallace claimed: “we may be one step closer to seeing Donald Trump’s tax returns.”

“Even now under the Manhattan D.A. they can do a lot of damage and they’ve laid a lot of groundwork for a lot of evidence,” Litman said. “Now [Michael] Cohen appears to be cooperating with them as well. So, this really does open a new front in the whole war about getting his tax records. Notice they would still be secret if the D.A. got them. But as opposed to the federal campaign where they’re trying to get them from the secretary of treasury who’s resisting, for no good reason, here it’s just going to be straight New York state, the same records and a private accounting firm that has said they will cooperate. This really does, as you say, make it a giant step closer to somebody having their hands on them.”

Take a look at the discussion in the video clip below:

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