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Ex-GOP Congressman Burns Trump: FBI Attacks Are ‘Gonna Bite You In The A*s’

Former Congressman Joe Walsh on Saturday blasted President Donald Trump for attacking the FBI leadership, warning that the attacks are “gonna bite you in the ass.”

“President Trump, quit attacking the FBI on Twitter. It’s wrong and it’s gonna bite you in the ass,” the former lawmaker from Illinois tweeted. “Put your phone down. No more tweets until after New Years,” he added.

Walsh, a Republican, was responding to Trump’s attack on FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe over his perceived “political bias.”

His Saturday attack on McCabe came just after a report revealed that the deputy director was planning on retiring from the FBI in the coming months, as Republican lawmakers accuse him and other FBI officials of bias against Trump.

The president and his Republican allies in Congress have stepped up their attacks on the U.S. top law enforcement agency in recent weeks, saying earlier this month that the bureau’s reputation was “in tatters.”

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