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Ex-GOP Congressman Crushes Trump: ‘This Anarchy Has Got To End’


Ex-GOP Congressman Crushes Trump: ‘This Anarchy Has Got To End’

Former Pennsylvania GOP congressman Charlie Dent didn’t hold back while talking with CNN’s John Berman about the recent scandals and decisions made by Donald Trump.

Dent, is one of the Republicans who have stood up to Trump and this time it was no different.

On Thursday, he called for the Trump presidency to come to an end, claiming that Trump has gone to far in order to get his proposed border wall.

Dent warned that the anarchy “must stop.”

“I have not heard one security expert say we need a 2,000-mile wall. I never heard anybody say that,” Dent said. “Everybody knows this is not the best way to establish border security.”

He added, “To go to the matters over this is insane. We need to get back to order in the United States, and it has to start with the president. This anarchy has got to end.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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