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Ex-GOP Gov Bashes Trump On Live TV For Destroying Policies Just Because They Belonged To Obama

Donald Trump has had one mission since taken over the presidency, to undo every single policy Obama set in place while he was president even if it means destroying the country while doing it.

On Monday, CNN spoke to former Republican Governor John Kasich who called out his Republican colleagues and Trump himself for its attacks on good policies just because they’re associated with Barack Obama.

“There was no violation of the Iran nuclear agreement,” Kasich said. He noted that America’s European allies were making sure Iran sticks to the terms of the agreement.

“The president ignored the whole thing,” Kasich noted.

“Now we withdrew and it’s possible that they’ll restart their program,” he added, visibly fired up.

Kasich also noted that a lot of the Trump’s views on trade and global relations, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership, seem fueled by the extreme hate he has toward his predecessor.

“There are some things that people in the other party [Democrats] do that do make sense,” he continued.

“You know what we’re doing with Iran? Because it was Obama’s,” Kasich said. “So here we are in this trade war that’s hurting farmers.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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