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Ex-GOP Sen Bashes Trump As He Shows Support For Dems In 2020

Former Republican Senator Jeff Flake was asked this weekend about the 2020 election and if he believed that having a Democrat win it would be better than Donald Trump winning his second term.

The former Republican Senator, who has been a big Trump critic, said that he would definitely prefer a Democrat winning over Trump. He also urged his Party to stop supporting Trump as it has damaged the GOP.

“Yes … and this notion, this narrative that’s been built up, that Donald Trump is the only one that can cobble together the Electoral College and win is just a fallacy,” Flake replied at an Intelligence Squared debate in New York City.

“I think that four years is difficult enough to unravel some of the damage that has been done internationally to our role, to our leadership position. We cannot, should not go another four years,” he added.

Flake continued his response by attacking Trump.

“Starting a trade war is not conservative,” Flake said. “Conservatives have, if there is any defining, animating principle that we have had in the party for generations now, it’s free trade. And the President has really tossed that overboard.”

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