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Ex-GOP Steve Schmidt Shames His Former Party For Covering Up For ‘Pathologically Dishonest’ Jim Jordan

Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt, who quit the party earlier this year to become a Democrats, shamed his former party for standing behind Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) after multiple students accused him of allowing sexual harassment.

Earlier this month, multiple students from Ohio State University’s wrestling team accused Jordan of looking the other way when the team’s physician was sexually abusing the team members.

In response, GOP leadership has stood up against the accusations to defend Jordan. This prompted Schmidt to criticize his former party’s members.

“Jordan has zero credibility,” he tweeted. “That is his problem. He is a pathologically dishonest conspiracy theorist whose irresponsibility has been on display for many years. He is unfaithful to his oath of office and nobody should be shocked if he was the same to his team.”

Then Schmidt switched his focus to the GOP for defending Jordan.

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