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Ex-GOP Trump-Loving Candidate Says He Would ‘Execute Abortionists’ If He ‘Had His Way’


Trump-loving radical right-wing activist Scott Lively appeared on “Pass The Salt Live” webcast on Monday where he told host Dave Daubenmire that if he had been given the power he would have put abortionists to death.

“If I had my way, we would be executing abortionists after trial,” Lively said. “They are committing mass murder and if we truly had a just justice system, they would be tried and they would be executed for what they’re doing. That is how serious the problem is.”

Lively added that he wanted to “make absolutely clear” that he wants the United States’ justice system to operate according to biblical law which states that the testimony of two witnesses is required in order to put someone to death.

You can hear Lively’s comments in the clip below:

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