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Ex KKK Leader Praised Trump For Attacking The Media While Promoting Violence Against Journalists

David Duke, former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, praised Donald Trump for promoting violence against journalists. He claimed that it took Trump to finally “expose” them.

Duke tweeted: “The #FakeNews media has spent 50 yrs misrepresenting me and promoting violence against me. It took .@realDonaldTrump to finally expose them.”

Duke was referring to journalist Jared Yates Sexton, who revealed the creator of the social media meme of Trump body-slamming CNN.

Since then, Sexton tweeted a series of tweets that he’d received numerous “gory.”

Duke went on to claim that journalists deserved violent threats for exposing his own racism.

“I have literally been the target of “Journalist” terrorism for 50yrs. The climate of hated/violence your profession has created is shameful,” he tweeted.

Duke has made accusations against the media before, just like Trump has on multiple occasions.

“This same #FakeNews media wants gun control, open borders, infinity immigration and White replacement, while supporting Israel’s ethnostate,” Duke tweeted. “There have been millions of hit articles written against me by very dishonest, nasty journalists. Now they cry that they’re being targeted.”

He continued:

“Let’s face it, for decades, people like @JYSexton in the media had promoted the mass collective guilt of Whites and laughing about it,” Duke tweeted. “The media has caused a radicalisation of minorities and weak minded Whites, which has led to the epidemic of violence in society against us.”

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