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Ex-KKK Leader Says Trump-Loving Extremists ‘Will Act’ If They Hear The President’s ‘Bullhorn’

Recently, the country has been a witness to violent acts from people that support Donald Trump and the question has risen, is the president responsible for these crimes with all the violence that he provokes in his rallies and tweets?

Well, that question might have just found its answer. On Saturday, CNN’s S.E. Cupp interviewed reformed white supremacist Christian Picciolini, who claimed that extremists groups will act if Trump gives them the green light to do so.

Picciolini, the former leader of a Chicago gang of racist skinheads, said that Trump has been giving these extremist groups the green light to go out there and commit these acts of violence.

Picciolini said that violent extremists are likely to act when they are called to do so by Trump.

“When somebody with power gives them words that back up with what they believe, spreads conspiracy theories and gives them some sort of agency, there’s a certain subsegment of these extremists groups that will act,” he said. “Most extremists may just be extremists vocally, and in ideological terms, but there’s also a group of people within every extremist group that will take action based on the words that they hear. Now that hate is being normalized, they feel they are in power.”

Picciolini reacted to a clip of Trump calling himself a nationalist.

“It was loud like a bullhorn to me,” he said. “I didn’t hear a dog whistle.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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