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Ex-Obama Staffer Just Ruined Trump’s Plan To End Mueller Probe

Donald Trump drew backlash for firing former Attorney General Jeff Sessions after Republicans lost control of the House and hiring Matthew Whitaker to take his place, a move many saw as Trump’s plan to end the ongoing Russia investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

On Wednesday, former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal, who worked under the Obama administration, responded tp MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Twitter where he called on Democrats to defund the Department of Justice until it is known whether Whitaker will be overseeing the Mueller investigation or not.

“What is DOJ waiting for before it says whether Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker has met with DOJ ethics lawyers about him overseeing the Mueller investigation?” Maddow asked. “Why would DOJ tell the public he is *going* to do that but then not say if/when he has?”

Katyal noted Maddow’s questions and slammed the Department of Justice — where he used to work.

“It is a violation of the most basic precepts of democracy. Outrageous,” Katyal wrote. “We have a right to know who is Acting AG.”

“House Dems should announce now defunding of the Office of the AG and staff come Jan,” he continued. “It is a fake office that lacks the most basic aspects of democratic transparency.”

Katyal has called Whitaker “our fake Acting AG” and a “Trump lackey.”

He has also said Trump’s appoint was “an unprecedented end run around Senate confirmation” which is “unconstitutional” and a “gross usurpation of power.

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