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Ex Pentagon Official Slams Trump For Golfing While Hawaii Panicked Over False Missile Alert

On Saturday, former Pentagon Chief Prosecutor Col. Morris Davis blasted President Donald Trump for continuing his golf game as Americans in Hawaii were panicking over a mistaken missile threat warning.

“For 38 minutes American citizens in Hawaii braced for a ballistic missile strike … and @realDonaldTrump continued his round of golf in Florida on his 120th taxpayer funded vacation day in less than a year,” Morris tweeted Saturday afternoon.

In what was called “a hell of a mistake to make,” Civil Defense officials in Hawaii sent out an incorrect warning to the island residents that a ballistic missile was on its way, stating: “Ballistic missile inbound to Hawaii. Seeks shelter immediately. This is not a drill.”

Trump has now spent almost one-third of his time in office at his own properties and has played more golf than any other president over the same period.

The president has visited one of his properties on 156 days of his presidency, according to a count, NBC News updated Friday.

So far, U.S. taxpayers paid over $6.9 million in airfare for Trump’s frequent trips to Mar-a-Lago, according to U.S. Air Force records.

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