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Ex-Pentagon Staffer Slams Trump For Acting Like A Child During Briefings: He Was ‘More Fixated On Undermining His Predecessor’


Guy Snodgrass, who worked as the former chief speechwriter for former Defense Secretary James Mattis, appeared on CNN on Wednesday where he revealed just how Donald Trump would act while he was being briefed on national security issues.

During the interview, Snodgrass discussed his new book — titled “Holding the Line: Inside Trump’s Pentagon with Secretary Mattis” — and described how difficult it was to get Trump to even listen to them on national security issues during briefings.

Snodgrass claimed that Trump would come into the meetings with his mind already set on not listening.

“When you’re in that type of scenario, you want a president to walk into that room and be laser focused on national security, on what’s best for the american public and of course strengthening our alliances and partnerships around the world,” Snodgrass explained. “For him to walk in with a scowl on his face, automatically dismissing anything that Secretary Mattis or Tillerson was going to share with him about America’s place in this world, and the importance of our military and what we do abroad, was very disruptive.”

The former Mattis aide then broke down the kinds of things that actually did hold the president’s attention.

“When you realize President Trump is more fixated on undermining his predecessor and pinning medals on his own chest, it’s one of those things where, again, that’s not where his focus should be,” he explained.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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