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Ex-President Jimmy Carter Slams Trump During Speech: ‘I’d Change All His Policies’

Former President Jimmy Carter talked to a group of students at Emory University on Wednesday night where he joked about running for president again while claiming he would change all of Donald Trump’s policies.

“If I were foolish enough to feel I could be president again, I think the first thing I would do would be to change all of the policies that President Trump has initiated,” the 93-year-old former president said, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Carter also said that he prays for Trump to change almost every night.

“I pray for him fairly regularly. If he answered my prayers, he’d have to change a lot of things,” Carter continued.

According to the report, Carter had a standing ovation from a crowd of over 1,700 students during the 37th annual Town Hall for first-year students at the university.

Carter also spoke about the midterm elections during an address at his presidential center and library in Atlanta Tuesday and urged people to go out and vote for the Democratic Party.

“Independents need to know they can invest their vote in the Democratic Party,” Carter said, according to The Associated Press.

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