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Ex-Prosecutor Urges Lawmakers To Step Up And ‘Stop Letting Trump Kill Americans’ With His ‘Incompetence’

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner called on lawmakers across the nation on Saturday to stop Donald Trump from continuing to kill Americans with his mismanagement of the coronavirus outbreak.

Kirschner tweeted on Saturday:

“Trump’s mixture of incompetence and exploitation for political purposes of our national health emergency is costing lives. The most pressing question at this moment is: at what point do our elected politicians stop letting Trump kill Americans?”

Trump did not take the threat seriously when he was supposed to. He downplayed the virus from the beginning.

He first claimed that it was all handled when there were only 15 cases in the United States. He also compared it to the common flu and said it would go away as soon as April. He then acknowledged the threat and claimed that “nobody saw this coming” – despite being told by experts and professionals that he should take it seriously.

Despite Trump acknowledging the threat, he has not been urgent and many states have not received enough assistance and medical equipment.

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