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Ex-Trump Aide Gets Scorched On Live TV After Calling Meeting With Putin ‘Greatest Moment In US Diplomatic History’

Carter Page, a former Trump aide during his presidential campaign, said on CNN Saturday morning that Donald Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin was something worth praising.

Page began by saying, “It was one of the greatest moments in U.S. diplomatic history.”

“Well, the bravery that he showed going up against this fake intel report and all of the political shenanigans that drove this investigation from the very beginning a year ago this month. so it’s — he showed an amazing bravery,” Page explained. “If President Kennedy had had the same approach in the Bay of Pigs of pigs invasion when he’s given this stupid idea by the intel community and is told to run with it with his first six months of his administration, things would have turned out much better for him. President Trump had great judgment and really it’s great that he actually got to talk about Syria as opposed to this fake story.”

“Really a lot of this ugly American phenomenon right now has been driven by these false falsehoods,” Page added. “I actually don’t blame the media. The media has been just kind of following up on lies that they were told by political operatives, both from the Clinton campaign and the people they were colluding with in the Obama administration.”

But Page’s comments were quickly responded to by former Russia Today anchor Alyona Minkovski.

“I want to make a point about the ugly American notion” Minkovski stated. “The fact that we have a president who doesn’t respect women and makes demeaning comments about them, a president who makes demeaning comments about immigrants, their contribution to the society and who maligns them, that probably has to do with the notion of an ugly American, too, because it goes against the values we claim to be pushing all over the world –these values of freedom and liberty and respect for human rights and other people.”

“I just want to make that point, but yes, it’s very hard to keep track of President Trump and where he stands on certain issues and that’s always been the case,” she continued. “That’s why i think that from just a Russian perspective, we saw that there was a lot of excitement right after Donald Trump was elected. But now those expectations have all been lowered because they’ve realized that is he unpredictable and kind of flip-flops on positions that he’s taken. ”

“Again to me, that is part of being an ugly American, if we’re not going to care about the future of the planet and its sustainability. And that’s another thing where people they can no longer depend on the United States to be consistent because of President Donald Trump,” she concluded.

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