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Ex-Trump Attorney Says Giuliani Carries A Secret ‘Log’ Of His Ukraine Contacts: ‘I’ve Seen The Book’


Former Donald Trump lawyer Jay Goldberg appeared on MSNBC on Thursday where he revealed that Rudy Giuliani has a secret “log” that contains his contacts in Ukraine.

“I think Guiliani has been seduced by Mar-a-Lago, the lifestyle. It’s very heady to be on the plane, gold-plated,” Goldberg said.

“Does Rudy Giuliani have any evidence or records that could resolve what he was doing with Ukraine?” host Ari Melber asked.

“Yes,” Goldberg replied.

“There’s a book that he kept of all the contacts that he made while in the Ukraine,” Goldberg revealed. “It hasn’t been subpoenaed thus far. It hasn’t come to light.”

“Rudy Giuliani prepared this book, you say. Have you seen it?” Melber asked.

“I’ve seen the book,” Goldberg replied. “Rudy Giuliani likes to keep a log of the things that he’s doing because he wants to show it to the client.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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