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Ex-Trump Campaign Adviser Demands Minorities Apologize To Trump: ‘[He] Has Never Once Discriminated’

A former Trump campaign adviser wrote a column on Newsmax on Friday demanding minorities apologize to Donald Trump and thank him, saying that the president “has never once discriminated.”

Jeff Ballaborn, a former adviser to the Trump campaign, joined Bruce Abramson in writing a column for the website owned by Trump confidante Christopher Ruddy.

“The leadership of America’s Jewish community owes President Trump — and America’s Jews — an apology,” they wrote. “In a world of rationality and justice, American Jews would be grateful to President Trump.”

“Will these mainstream Jewish leaders ever apologize to, much less thank, President Trump?” they asked. “Don’t hold your breath.”

They not only attacked the Jewish community but also demanded apologies from all other minorities including Muslims, African Americans, immigrants, the LGBT community, Asians, and feminists.

“The leadership of America’s Black community owes President Trump and African Americans a similar apology,” they wrote. “In a world of rationality and justice, African Americans would be grateful.”

“The leadership of America’s Muslim community also owes President Trump and Muslim Americans an apology,” they continued. “In a world of rationality and justice, American Muslims would be grateful.”

“Still, it’s unfair to single out America’s Jewish, Black, or Muslim leadership. The leadership of American immigrant, LGBT, Asian, and feminist communities have been little better,” they argued.

“President Trump has never once discriminated among Americans,” they concluded. “Imagine that. An American President who puts Americans first. An American leader who refuses to pander to or exacerbate divisions among Americans.”

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