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Ex-Trump Campaign Adviser Gets Schooled After Claiming Trump ‘Empowers’ Women – Watch


Ex-Trump Campaign Adviser Gets Schooled After Claiming Trump ‘Empowers’ Women – Watch

Former Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes has been on a string of interviews in the past week following the breaking news ex-aide Rob Porter. He has tried defending Donald Trump but has failed. On Tuesday night he failed again when he claimed Trump “empowers” women.

“President Trump’s silence [is] speaking volumes,” CNN’s Jim Scuitto, sitting in for host Erin Burnett, said beginning the Tuesday night segment. “The White House says the president takes domestic violence seriously, but the president has yet to say so himself.”

Trump failed to answer questions about domestic violence on Tuesday when a reporter asked if he had any words for the victims of domestic abuse.

The president also praised his former staff secretary and wished him well without mentioning his ex-wives who he allegedly abused.

“I would like to hear him be more explicit,” Cortes told Scuitto and co-panelist Jen Psaki, a former White House communications director under President Barack Obama.

Psaki pointed out that Trump had “multiple opportunities today” to make himself clearer as he “was tweeting at 5:30 this morning.”

“What that leads most people to believe is that he doesn’t think that the victims deserve a voice, that he doesn’t believe their story, that he finds it hard to believe that someone with a strong pedigree and resume would be capable of this,” she continued, “and that would be entirely consistent with his kind of record and background on these issues.”

Cortes then claimed that Trump empowers women.

“This is a man who has empowered women his entire life,” he said. “In his business career, certainly in his White House, and who’s making America better and more prosperous.”

Cortes continued by making an apparent reference for former President Bill Clinton, saying it’s not the first time the White House was “fooled by a polished Rhodes scholar who looked like a golden boy but in fact, in [his] private life was actually a monster.”

That’s when Psaki fired back at the former Trump aide, claiming that Trump himself has constantly defended sex offenders and wife beaters.

“I’m not making a partisan point here,” Psaki rebutted. “[Trump’s] record is one of defending people like Bill O’Reilly, defending people like Roy Moore, defending people who victims and their advocates would consider as not exactly on the side of women.”

Take a look at the discussion in the video clip below:

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