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Ex-Trump Staffer Threw The President Under The Bus During Attack On Bill Barr: Watch

J.W. Verret, who worked for Donald Trump’s transition team, appeared on CNN Friday morning to speak about Attorney General Bill Barr’s attempt to spin the Mueller report in favor of the president.

Verret told CNN host Jim Sciutto that Barr’s powers to shield Trump from damaging revelations are quickly eroding.

“I really think what the attorney general did with the initial summary was effectively a form of jury tampering where the prosecutor goes out, gives a press conference with misleading information,” he said, before adding that it seemed the Mueller appeared to have been “hamstrung” and “frustrated” about it.

Verret then went on to predict that the White House’s ability to keep up this charade would soon fall apart.

“I think the president and attorney general’s spin campaign about the Mueller report was initially successful,” he said. “And I think that that success will fade over time with the repeated drumbeat of public hearings… the first penny to flip here will be the House subpoenas for the president’s financial records through Deutsche Bank. I don’t think he can stop Deutsche Bank.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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