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Ex- Watergate Prosecutor ‘Very Confident’ Trump Obstruction Case Is ‘Beyond A Reasonable Doubt’


Ex- Watergate Prosecutor ‘Very Confident’ Trump Obstruction Case Is ‘Beyond A Reasonable Doubt’

Nick Ackerman, who was prosecutor during the Watergate scandal, said that he could convict Donald Trump of obstruction of justice without a doubt.

Appearing on MSNBC with Chris Hayes, Ackerman seemed “very confident” is making a case for obstruction against Trump.

“It really does look like you’ve got a plausible case for obstruction,” Hayes noted.

“Beyond a reasonable doubt,” Ackerman replied.

“That’s very confident of you,” Hayes noted.

“I’m very confident,” Ackerman admitted.

Ackerman pointed out that Michael Flynn was at the center of an obstruction case and Trump knows it.

“He knows that Flynn lied. That lie is extremely material because it relates to what occurred during the campaign and the coordination between Russia and the campaign and Trump knows it,” Ackerman predicted.

“I think you’re going to have proof of the underlying crime and the cover-up because when Flynn pled guilty to the lie about sanctions, it related to the coordination between Russia and the campaign,” Ackerman continued. “So he’s got a lot to say.”

Hayes then wondered if the legal advice to invoke the Fifth Amendment could end up looking like an admission of guilt.

“That’s why they all went in and testified before the grand jury and got convicted of perjury,” Ackerman explained. “They were stuck between a rock and hard place.”

“Because they didn’t take the Fifth, you can’t take the Fifth because you look guilty,” Hayes observed.

Ackerman said there was no other option than invoking the Fifth Amendment.

“It is United States v. Nixon all over again where they forced President Nixon to produce tapes,” Ackerman noted.

Take a look at the interview in the video clip below:

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