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Ex-WH Adviser Bashes Sarah Sanders On Live TV, Says She Has ‘No Credibility’: Watch

Former White House adviser David Gergen appeared on CNN this week where he called out Donald Trump’s press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for having no credibility when she steps on the podium.

Gergen was speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper over the ongoing negotiations over Trump’s proposed border wall and claimed that the president has been looking “ridiculous.”

“He doesn’t want to look weak, but he’s looking ridiculous,” said Gergen. “That’s what’s bothering so many Americans. The thought process is so confusing. The line of argument is so confusing. Nobody can make heads or tails of what he wants. That’s really deeply distressing for Republicans.”

Gergen said that part of Trump’s problem is Sanders, who lacks credibility when speaking to the media or the American people.

“This is where the failure to have a strong, credible press secretary and be surrounded by the people who can go on air and straighten these things out is a real weakness for him,” Gergen said. “A normal White House would have one person who could go to the microphone and walk the press through this, and the president doesn’t have to get involved in every little detail.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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