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Ex-Trump Aide Slams ‘Absolute Baby’ Trump For ‘Acting Like A Child’ With Sessions Dispute

A former White House aide spoke with The Washington Post about Donald Trump’s dispute with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and claimed that the president of the United States is “acting like a child.”

“It is a complete disgrace the way that Trump is acting like a schoolyard bully against Sessions,” the former aide said.

“I understand his frustration,” Trump’s ex-aide continued. “I understand why he feels the way that he does. But what a child. What an absolute baby. He’s disgracing himself.”

The aide was responding to Trump’s interview with Hill.TV on Wednesday where he claimed that he had no attorney general because Sessions isn’t saving him from the Russia investigation.

“I don’t have an attorney general,” Trump told The Hill. “It’s very sad.”

The entire Washington Post article can be read HERE.

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