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Ex-WH Lawyer Issues Devastating Warning To Trump As Mueller Is Set To Testify

Ex-WH Lawyer Issues Devastating Warning To Trump As Mueller Is Set To Testify

As Donald Trump continues to distract the country from his inevitable demise, former special counsel Robert Mueller will be the one receiving all the attention this coming Wednesday when he will testify before Congress on Capitol Hill.

“As Democrats prepare for the arrival of special counsel Robert Mueller on Capitol Hill next week, their plans for his day of wall-to-wall testimony is becoming clearer: if Donald Trump were anyone but the president, he would be charged with the crimes Mueller uncovered,” MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace reported on Friday.

For analysis, Wallace interviewed for acting Socilitor General Neal Katyal.

“I think that the good news for the president is we’re not discussing right now, at least for the last few moments, whether the president a rapist, now it’s just are you a felon,” Katyal joked.

“He’s got that going for him,” Wallace replied.

“The Democrats are on the right path because the Mueller report, it’s 448 pages and really long and the people don’t want to read something that long. But this is the first time Americans will watch on television this guy, former Marine Mueller, establishment Republican figure, and his report — just in plain English — lays out all of these examples of the president, a sitting president acting as a felon,” he explained.

“So I think, absolutely, it’s going to be a devastating day for the president,” Katyal predicted.

He also had advice for Democrats.

“I don’t care if they read the report, I don’t care if they thought they would all lose their seats in Congress, their job is to do their duty and to say this president committed crimes and the Justice Department is doing nothing about it — they’re letting him go,” he explained. “They’re giving him a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card under this weird constitutional theory. So it’s all up to us. Even if it hurts us in the polls, this is our job. I hope that’s the conversation we will start to see over the next week.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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