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Ex WH Official: Mueller Is About To Drop His Final Hammer And Trump Is Panicking

Donald Trump is panicking about Robert Mueller testimony


Ex WH Official: Mueller Is About To Drop His Final Hammer And Trump Is Panicking

For months, millions of Americans have been waiting for it to finally happen. But now it’s here: this is the week that Special Counsel Robert Mueller publicly testifies about his investigation into Donald Trump’s crimes.

Robert Mueller’s four hundred page report is a damning expose on Donald Trump’s crimes, making clear that Trump is a career conman who only won the election by cheating, and that he’s continued his crime spree since illegitimately taking office.

While you should e excited, you should also temper your excitement to a degree. Robert Mueller has a long history of saying as little as necessary while testifying before Congress, and that won’t change now. He has already made clear that he won’t give any answers that go beyond what’s in his report. But Robert Mueller’s testimony doesn’t have to include him saying that Donald Trump is guilty, in order for it to be effective.

He’s going to spell out instance after instance of Trump doing things that the average person can grasp are criminal, immoral, or just plain inappropriate. Most importantly, it’ll be on television, where even the people who don’t generally care about political matters will tune in just to see what all the easily digestible fuss is all about.

Mueller is set to testify this Wednesday, and it’ll air on every cable news network and that explains why Donald Trump is in a mad dash to change the conversation with his racist tweets says Guy Smith, who advised former President Bill Clinton during his impeachment ordeal.

Appearing on CNN’s “New Day,” Smith said that he expects ex-special counsel Robert Mueller to make some blunt statements about Trump in his upcoming appearance before a Congressional committee that will cause voters to turn on the president.

According to Smith, Mueller’s own words will carry tremendous weight with voters who have no idea what is in his report on the president.

“Well, what we’re going to see is people who have never read the report, which is most everybody, and they have only heard President Trump and the attorney general say he’s been exonerated. It does not,” he told host Christi Paul. “So, what’s going to happen is that they’re going to be hearing Robert Mueller in his own words say that the president obstructed justice. The American people have not read this thing.”

Holding up a copy of the report, he said, “This is 440 pages and people, they listen to the media, Trump says he’s been exonerated, there are four words in here that say this — ‘does not exonerate him.’”

“Now, what’s going to happen, there isn’t going to be a bombshell,” he explained. “This is going to chip away at Trump’s base. This is why he’s so scared, why all this racist stuff started last week — it’s a distraction. He knows there’s going to be a lot of bad stuff and the American people are going to start to say, ‘Oh, my god, I had no idea it said this.’”

“That’s why his campaign went so crazy about the polls, they know they’re in trouble,” he concluded.

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