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Expert Historian Predicts Trump’s Apario Pardon Will Make Way For Concentration Camps In America


Expert Historian Predicts Trump’s Apario Pardon Will Make Way For Concentration Camps In America

Andrea Pitzer, author of One Long Night: A Global History of Concentration Camps, spoke with the Huffington Post and told them that Donald Trump’s pardon of Arpaio is an endorsement of concentration camps in the U.C.

“Once Arpaio began neighborhood sweeps and traffic stops deliberately targeting Latinos, and then detaining them without charges, his whole enterprise tilted further toward being a concentration camp for that set of detainees,” Pitzer the Post. “And even for those who had been convicted of crimes, it was a harrowing, often deadly experience.”

“When it was just Arpaio and his deputies doing it, it was a freelance, loose-cannon operation. What happened yesterday is that the President of the United States put his position behind it and used executive power to bless these tactics,” she wrote. “Historically, when this kind of thing has happened, it’s encouraged other people to take up the same tactics.”

Back in 2008, Arpaio had admitted that his “Tent City” was in fact a concentration camp.

“I already have a concentration camp,” Arpaio said in 2008. “It’s called Tent City.”

“Tent City,” which housed over 500,000 inmates, was known as “Arizona’s concentration camp.”

“I think that Tent City has been very successful,” Arpaio told Fox 10 in Phoenix during the 2016 election campaign. “Why would four presidential candidates come down here and stand next to me and say they will put tents up around the nation.”

Many have already criticized Trump’s decision to pardon Arpaio, including Republican Senator John McCain.

The Arizona Republic, which is the biggest newspaper in Arizona, today editorialized against Trump pardoning Arpaio.

“The pardon was a sign of pure contempt for every American who believes in justice, human dignity and the rule of law,” Republic concluded. “By pardoning Arpaio, Trump made it clear that institutional racism is not just OK with him. It is a goal. That should trouble every American who believes that our duty as a nation is to continue working on behalf of equal justice.”

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