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Expert Historian Warns That Trump Will Have To Be Removed From The White House At Gunpoint


Expert Historian Warns That Trump Will Have To Be Removed From The White House At Gunpoint

According to an expert on Latin American dictators, Donald Trump may have to be removed from the White House at gunpoint if he refuses not to leave peacefully.

“What if Donald Trump refuses to leave the presidency peacefully when it’s time for him to go?” Tim Rogers asked at Fusion. “And after watching his deranged cult rally in Phoenix this week, I’m starting to think that Trump could be positioning himself to stay in power at all costs, especially in the case of an impeachment attempt.”

Rogers has studied Latin American dictators and has noticed shocking similarities between Trump and Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega.

“Ortega orchestrated his power grab by polarizing the country, dividing the opposition, attacking congress, demonizing the press, forbidding protest, demanding personal loyalty from all government workers, and turning all his public appearances into campaign rallies for his core base of supporters,” Rogers noted. “He institutionalized his cult of personality and normalized the threats of violence and chaos that he could summon at the snap of a finger.”

“It’s an attempt to blackmail our democracy with the threat of violence, as former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone recently warned.”

Rogers has noted over the years that 10 times in 9 Latin American countries, when the leader decides to change the rules is because they want to extend their stay in office.

It wouldn’t come as a surprise if Trump tried to pull something like that off.

“This is a dangerous moment for the country. Trump has shown no interest in preserving the sanctity of the presidency or the traditions of U.S. democracy. He might not even be familiar with the,” Rogers noted. “Trump is only interested in Trump. He’s willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of self-preservation. This is how dictatorships are born.”

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