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Fact-Checkers Have A Field Day With Trump After His Ridiculous Lies About Fluorescent Light Bulbs


Donald Trump has been consistent with one thing throughout his presidency, and that is lying. The man can’t seem to go a day without telling a lie. Luckily, there are fact-checkers out there who keep the president in check.

On Friday, CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale caught Trump in yet another lie.

Dale took to Twitter to prove Trump’s lie wrong. He tweeted saying:

“Trump told supporters in Battle Creek, MI that if their fluorescent bulbs break, they have to go to a dump “a couple of hundred miles away” to dispose them. The city tells me they actually have two annual collection events in Battle Creek, two in the county seat 11 miles away.”

Additionally, as one of Dale’s followers pointed out, stores such as Home Depot accept old fluorescent light bulbs as part of their waste disposal and recycling program. A quick Google Maps search reveals that there is a Home Depot that’s about a half-hour drive away from Battle Creek.

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