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FBI Employees Just Defied Trump With Unprecedented Action To Back Comey

James Comey’s refusal to swear loyalty to President Trump and drop his investigation into the Trump campaign ties to Russia is what led to his removal. But Trump’s decision to fire the popular FBI director could play a part in his undoing.

Shortly after he was fired, Comey revealed Trump’s bizarre demand for loyalty and a request that the Bureau drop its investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Comey later confirmed both of those incidents in a public congressional hearing.

Comey was a popular leader who enjoyed widespread support at the Bureau right up until he was so unceremoniously removed. Despite this, Trump lied and said that he was “deeply unpopular,” in a craven attempt to impugn his reputation.

Now, the Bureau is fighting back.

As Huffington Post reports, FBI employees trolled Trump by wearing shirts that read “Comey is my homey,” to Family Day in D.C.

Image: HuffPost

Image: HuffPost

The back of the shirt displays a quote attributed to Comey, “We choose to do good for a living.” It’s a fitting representation of a man who has spent his entire life dedicated to law enforcement.

Image: HuffPost

Image: HuffPost

Well, it appears that Trump’s unprecedented action against Comey has made him a lot of enemies at the Bureau and that could lead to his political demise. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller is now exploring whether the firing of the FBI Director constitutes obstruction of justice.

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