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FBI Labels Trump-Supporting Group a ‘Terrorist Threat’, Then Trump Promotes Them On Twitter

President Donald Trump continues to use his Twitter account to promote dangerous QAnon conspiracy theories in an effort to solidify support from his followers who believe it, despite being labeled a “terrorist threat” by the FBI, According to The Daily Beast.

QAnon’s theory claims that “Trump is only pretending to be oafish and incompetent as a cover so he can unsuspectingly organize mass arrests of Democratic leaders for their supposed role in a world-spanning sex trafficking ring. Variations of the theory have argued that former special counsel Robert Mueller was in on it too. The name comes from an anonymous poster on 4chan calling himself “Q” after a form of top-secret government clearance, whose cryptic posts spawned the theory. Some QAnon believers think that “Q” is in fact John F. Kennedy Jr., who supposedly faked his death and is also helping Trump with the operation.

Trump has been retweeting QAnon accounts all year. But on the run-up to New Years, Trump frantically promoted all the content he could find supporting him and denouncing impeachment. Several of his retweets came from pro-QAnon, sparking a fresh wave of excitement from his supporters.

But not everyone in Trump’s inner circle is happy about this.

Jane Duff, a Trump 2020 campaign official, tweeted “I know we on the campaign don’t support Q and its all bizarre nonsense for ppl who need to believe something … Q is so absurd, why should the President acknowledge it when NO ONE cares?” according to The Beast. She swiftly deleted her tweets after a wave of furious backlash form Q supporters.

As noted by The Daily Beast, QAnon support is not simply an entertaining diversion. Some of its believers have been implicated in vandalism, one shut down a bridge with an armored truck, and two have been implicated in murder, including of a Mafia boss — all apparently in service to their bizarre conspiracy theory.

The FBI is treating QAnon as a potential source of domestic terrorism.

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