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With Fate Of Nation Hanging In The Balance, The FBI Needs To Answer These 3 Questions Fast


With Fate Of Nation Hanging In The Balance, The FBI Needs To Answer These 3 Questions Fast

By sending a vaguely worded letter to congressional Republicans on Friday that suggested he was re-opening the probe into Hillary Clinton’s email use, FBI Director James Comey became THE central player in the presidential election’s final two weeks.

Initially, Republicans saw Comey’s action as a glitter of hope to retake the white house. But Comey’s letter quickly backfired as the email scandal revival has energized Clinton’s supporters. It has also put a magnifying glass square on James Comey who has come under fire from all sides.

Comey’s unprecedented decision to break with FBI practice throughout the agency’s history and insert the bureau into the presidential campaign less than two weeks from Election Day has left many unanswered questions, rendering the nation’s future ‘uncertain.’

While no one knows the motives behind Comey’s move, it’s imperative that he answers the following basic questions:

1. Do you know how many emails you found? If so, how many?
There are reports that the emails number in the thousands. What is that based on? Are any of them classified? Any sent by or to Hillary Clinton? Are they duplicates of emails you’ve already read and analyzed?

2. Do you have access to them? Have you even seen the emails?
Donald Trump is on the campaign trail telling supporters that, without question, the FBI found something incriminating, otherwise it never would have taken such an extraordinary step. But if Comey took this step without having any idea what’s in the emails, he needs to let Trump —and everyone else— know that’s the case.

3. Do you plan to analyze the emails before Election Day?
The public would kindly like to know if Comey has any more bombshells planned, or if he’s done until next Tuesday.

At this point, that’s not too much to ask. What do you think?

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