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‘F*ck Mexico — This Is America!’: Group Of Angry Trump Supporters Destroyed Mexico Flag During Trump’s Visit To San Diego

An angry mob of Trump supporters gathered in San Diego where they snatched a Mexico flag from a passing car and they decided to desecrate it while taunting “f*ck Mexico,” according to KTLA.

Donald Trump took a trip to San Diego on Tuesday to look at the prototypes for the wall he wants to build along the U.S./Mexico border.

The moment was caught on video when the group of Trump supporters desecrated the Mexico flag.

“Fuck Mexico, this is America!” said a man using a knife to shred the flag.

“They burn our flag in their country, burn theirs in ours!” yelled one man.

“Burn it! Burn it! Burn it!” women in the background could be heard chanting.

Take a look at the video clips below:

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