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Fearing a Wipeout In 2018, Republicans Rush To Confirm Conservative Judges


Fearing a Wipeout In 2018, Republicans Rush To Confirm Conservative Judges

Following Tuesday’s blue wave that saw Democrats victory in key elections nationwide, concerned Republicans are scrambling to confirm more conservative judges, helping President Donald Trump in an area that he is already moving on aggressively: reshaping the federal courts.

The Republican majority, led by Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, has been crucial to Trump’s effort to move swiftly on the lifetime judicial appointments and please his right-wing base.

Just last week, Republicans pushed four conservative US appeals court judges through the Senate, CNN reports. With a total of eight appeals court appointees, Trump and his GOP allies are on track to transform the justice system and give right-wing judges total control over myriad social and business issues, from abortion rights to class action litigation.

Republicans are fear more charges arising from Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, so they are moving fast before any major bombshell explodes in the media. Mueller is exploring possible Trump campaign links to Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Eighteen more appeals court vacancies currently await Trump, according to statistics from the Administrative Office of the US Courts noted CNN.

After Tuesday’s Democratic sweep at the polls, Democrats grew more optimistic about victories in the 2018 congressional elections, but a switch in party control at the Senate remains a long shot.

To take the majority, Democrats need to gain three seats in the Senate, which is a steep hill to climb. Republican-held seats in Arizona and Nevada are clear Democratic targets. But any possibility of Democratic inroads is offset by the reality that the party would be defending 10 Senate seats in states Trump won in 2016, including the reliably red states of West Virginia, North Dakota, Montana, Missouri, and Indiana.

However, that may change if the Trump administration is hit with another —very likely— indictment from Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Such and event could demoralize Republicans and boost Democrats to another sweeping victory in 2018.

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