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Federal Agents Raid Headquarters Of Televangelist And Trump Backer Benny Hinn


Federal Agents Raid Headquarters Of Televangelist And Trump Backer Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn, one of the most notorious televangelists in the nation might be finally facing his day of reckoning after Federal agents stormed his headquarters in Grapevine, Texas.

Known for his ostentatious lifestyle, expensive suits, and a near fanatical following, Benny Hinn has been able to deflect federal inquiries before, but this incident is a strong indications that his luck may be running out.

According to the Dallas Morning News, IRS agents and postal inspectors, armed with a search warrant, raided Benny Hinn’s headquarters Wednesday morning. The agents, from the Criminal Investigation Division, which investigates tax evasion and general tax fraud, were seen walking out of the compound carrying boxes full of documents.

In a bad sign for Hinn, the investigators were still there on Thursday, according to the report.

The fame evangelical pastor spent most of the week at a crusade in Paris. On Thursday afternoon, he tried to put a positive spin on what can only be described as a disaster.


Responding to Hinn’s tweet, Daily Kos wrote:

“Um, Benny? When the IRS unit charged with looking into criminal activity is at your doorstep hauling out documents, that isn’t just a “review” of “certain operations of the Church.” It’s reason for you to have a lawyer on speed dial.”

Even more telling are some of the comments. They provide an alarming glimpse into the fundicostal mentality:

“Ehhh, this too shall pass! This is not about taxes or anything else – it’s about where God is taking Pastor Benny and this ministry – signs, wonders and miracles, and the presence of God, such that not been seen before nor even thought of… to bring in this last day harvest of souls, souls, souls. We are staying focused!!
With you all the way Pastor Benny.”

”Take heart man of God, persecution is part of the Christian package.Soon we shall rejoice together and testify that ‘And it came to pass…..’”

”Pastor Benny we love you so much, we are so grateful to God for you and your family. We know the enemy won’t stop when we are doing the will of God, and that is what your ministry is doing, stay strong, focus your eyes on him and he will give victory over and over again, God bless you, will keep you in our prayers”

”We love you Pastor Benny this will all clear up soon just another attack of the devil the best is yet to come sir we love you and your ministry”

”Praying for you Pastor Benny and your Ministry. Let there be no weapon formed against you shall prosper.We refute every tongue that rises against you in Jesus Name Amen.”

If you’re wondering how these guys remain standing after being exposed as charlatans and shysters, well, here’s your answer.

H/T: Daily Kos.

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