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Federal Judge Just Dropped The Hammer On Giuliani And Trump

Donald Trump’s attorneys received a brutal awakening from a federal judge on Tuesday who called them out for attempting to keep documents related to the president’s finances away from Congress.

According to Politico, Amit Mehta, a district court judge in Washington D.C., grew skeptical of Trump’s attorneys’ claims that Congress must have a legitimate “legislative purpose” to obtain Trump’s records.

Mehta said during the hearing on Tuesday that he would be very reluctant to declare a congressional subpoena of Trump’s finances unconstitutional based on Congress’ role in overseeing the executive branch as outlined in the Constitution, according to Politico.

“Does Congress have to do that — do they have to identify a bill in advance?” he asked at one point. “The Supreme Court has said the opposite.”

Mehta noted that congressional investigations of former presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were not attached to any specific legislative purpose. So why should Trump receive any special treatment?

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