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Here’s Why Donald Trump Is The Biggest Threat To American Democracy

Since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president of the United States, the media has been infatuated with his business history, his personal life, and his propensity to insult…everyone. Trump has promised to make America great again. But his policy proposals will most likely destroy America.

Below is an insight into the policy implications of Trump becoming President.

Donald Trump is fundamentally unfit to be Commander-in-Chief

A Trump presidency would pose the gravest danger to the United States and the world of any candidate in the modern era – maybe ever. His unpredictable temperament and horrendous judgment are setting off alarms with our allies.

National Security experts have denounced his reckless statement that he would not come to the defense of our NATO allies unless they’ve paid their dues, warning that retreating from NATO would invite further Russian aggression in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and unravel the international coalition that stood shoulder-to-shoulder with U.S. service members to wipe out al Qaeda and bring down the Taliban.

When it comes to the Islamic State, Trump says that it must be destroyed, but offers no strategy for doing so, claiming that it’s a secret.

What the candidate does offer is a series of prejudices and gut feelings, most of them erroneous.



Trump will incite domestic terrorism

A Trump presidency is not only likely to incite attacks from overseas, but it might inspire attacks from within. His off-the-cuff rhetoric could incite attacks by right-wing radicals in the US.

We’ve already seen increases in anti-Muslim incidents in the US that coincide with previous anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric in the campaign, as well as an attack on Planned Parenthood that at least on the surface seem to have some links to things the candidates said.

Most recently, Trump has made comments that can be interpreted as a call to assassinate Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The NRA’s dream candidate

Donald Trump’s candidacy is a dream come true for the National Rifle Association. His rhetoric is scary and extreme. But if he is elected President, his gun policies would be dangerous. In fact, some of his positions go further than even the NRA dares to tread.

Donald Trump’s economic plans would destroy the U.S. economy

A Trump presidency would cost the U.S. economy $1 trillion over the next five years, according to experts.

Trump’s economic policy will create an unnecessary economic downturn by deporting 7 million workers while cutting taxes for the rich and requiring the United States to borrow trillions of dollars from creditors, whom Trump has now threatened to stiff if he feels like it. It would be the greatest, dumbest recession in American history.

His estate Tax Proposal benefits one family: Trump’s

Economy experts estimate that Trump’s proposed elimination of the estate tax would funnel $7.1 billion to the Trump family.




Trump’s new proposal for K-12 education would prevent states and communities from making decisions about how bet to improve their local schools. It’s one big federal mandate—and more power for the Department of Education than would have ever been dreamed of under Presidents Obama or Bush.


President Trump would be a disaster for Climate Change, shredding all of the progress that the Obama Administration has made on this important issue.


Donald Trump’s anti-immigration stance isn’t Just Un-American. It’s bad for the economy.

Trump’s outspoken approach to Mexican immigration and his “plan” to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants would shrink the economy by about 2 percent, according to American Action Forum (AAF), a conservative and pro-business think tank.

The sudden subtraction of 7 million workers would cause an immediate shock to thousands of businesses, triggering a GDP collapse ranging from $400 billion to $600 billion in production, AAF’s analysis found, with the worst of the slump occurring in industries like construction and hospitality.

His beautiful border wall could cost several billion dollars more. By contrast, his tax plan would cut federal revenue by almost $10 trillion in the next decade, according to the Tax Policy Center.

Meanwhile, Trump has no plans to save Medicare, Medicaid, benefits for veterans, defense, or Social Security, which, along with mandatory payments on the debt, collectively account for more than two-thirds of government spending.

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