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FiveThirtyEight Just Predicted The Midterm Elections And It’s Not Looking Good For The GOP

Data crunchers at FiveThirtyEight have predicted that Democrats will be taking over the House of Representatives come November as they will have a 75 percent chance of doing so.

FiveThirtyEight released a new House forecast on Thursday and claim that there’s an 80 percent chance Democrats gain between 14 and 58 seats. If Democrats want to gain control of the House they must gain 23 seats.

According to the site, Democrats have a 10 percent chance of gaining less than 14 and a 10 percent chance of gaining more than 58 seats. While they have about a 75 percent chance of gaining more than 23 seats.

Currently, Republicans have a 236 to 193 seat difference. But according to FiveThirtyEight, Democrats will flip that to a 230 to 205 seat difference.

Despite recent polls having Democrats have a significant lead, Trump claimed that a “red wave” is coming.

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