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Florida Chief Deputy Sheriff Plotted To Abduct, Rape And Murder ‘Black Man Or Jew’ : Report


Florida Chief Deputy Sheriff Plotted To Abduct, Rape And Murder ‘Black Man Or Jew’ : Report

A Florida top law enforcement officer has been outed as a white supremacist who corresponded with other members of a neo-nazi website and plotted to abduct, rape with a metal pipe and then murder “a black man or a Jew.”

Micheal Gauger, the Chief Deputy of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office has been exposed as “Krieger” — a frequent poster to the now-defunct Stormfront website, which has been linked to as many as 100 hate crime deaths, D.C. Weekly reports.

“According to a confidential police report leaked to DC Weekly, a white nationalist Stormfront user going by the name of ‘Krieger’ was trying to recruit help from other Stormfront members to kidnap a black man or a Jew, rape them with a metal pipe, and kill them. One of the members whom Krieger contacted decided he needed to contact his local police department,” wrote D.C. Weekly‘s Andrew Heaton.

The police report shows that undercover officers met with Gauger and told him that informant “John Doe” said he was a Stormfront member and produced correspondence between the informant and Gauger.

“Chief Deputy Gauger became extremely nervous, his mouth went dry and his complexion became pale,” one of the detectives said. “I could see his jugular vein pulsing hard, like a person under enormous stress. He looked at me, ripped up the paper, and told me that I would not be filing a report on this incident. I was informed by Chief Deputy Gauger if I should report this incident or attempt to take any action, my career would be over and he would find a reason to put me in prison.”

Additionally, a D.C. Weekly’s investigative report uncovered multiple instances of racist behavior and policies on the part of Gauger and his allies including an initiative to undermine a black fire chief, taped remarks in which Gauger admitted that he targets black men for arrest and harassment to amuse himself and another set of remarks in which he urged an audience of wealthy, white listeners to run down black protesters with their cars.

“These demonstrators are mostly black people, after all,” Gauger reportedly said, “violent thugs” who “kill white people with hammers.”

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