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Florida Cop Arrested On Felony Charges For Slamming 15-YO Girl At School

A Florida police officer who worked at a school for children with emotional and behavioral problems is facing a felony charge after video shows him slamming a female student to the ground.

School security footage shows Broward County Deputy Willard Miller standing and texting inside an office at Cross Creek School when the 15-year-old playfully walks behind him and uses her left foot to push the back of his right knee, causing it to buckle. She walks away.

In the silent video, Miller can be seen speaking to the girl for just over a minute from about 10 feet away while two women watch. He then suddenly walks toward the girl, grabs her throat and throws her to the ground. He flips her onto her stomach, puts a knee against her back and pulls her arms behind her. He then forcibly lifts her up using her pinned arms and throws her out of the room, where an investigator’s report says she slammed against a wall.

Miller was charged Tuesday with felony child abuse without great bodily harm for the Sept. 25 altercation. Sheriff Gregory Tony suspended him without pay until internal disciplinary procedures are complete.

“I am tired of it,” Tony said of actions like Miller’s, saying it reflects poorly not just on his deputies, but on law enforcement officers nationwide. “I’m going to fix it. I am going to hold people accountable. If I have to do this 15 more times, I am going to do it 15 more times.”

Watch the report below from local station WPLG-10.

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