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Florida Judge Drops The Hammer On Neo-Nazi Leader Who Planned To Bomb Synagogues

A Florida judge sentenced a member of the neo-Nazi “Atomwaffen Divison” militia to serve five years in prison for possessing bomb-making materials and planning to bomb nuclear reactors and synagogues, CBS News reported Tuesday.

Federal prosecutors said Brandon Russell is a dangerous Neo-Nazi leader who had lethal bomb-making materials in his Florida apartment.

According to the news outlet, Russell tried to express remorse and take responsibility for “possessing an unregistered destructive device and unlawfully storing of explosive materials,” but the judge wasn’t buying his “remorse” and sent him to prison.

The 22-year-old man, a self-declared Trump supporter, was one of two Atomwaffen members who lived together in an apartment in Tampa, Florida when he was discovered with materials to build explosives. Police found Russell’s stash after his roommate, Devon Arthurs, killed two other neo-Nazi friends who attacked his newfound dedication to an extreme sect of Islam.

After Russell’s trial began, prosecutors said he had plans to bomb nuclear reactors and synagogues, and a day prior to his sentencing said he still clung to his violent ideology despite spending more than 6 months in jail.

Prosecutors also obtained letters the neo-Nazi intended to send to people outside of jail while he was on trial that included bomb-making diagrams, which they said showed “his intention to share his knowledge with others.” Court records reviewed by the Times indicated he also showed interest in proselytizing to fellow inmates using an “Airborne Leaflet Dropping Device.”

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