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Florida Teacher Finds ‘Provisional Ballots’ Box Left Behind, Questions Election Legitimacy: Report

The midterm elections brought forth quite a few close races, two of those being the gubernatorial and Senate race in Florida which had the candidates basically at 50-50. So when a teacher in Broward County noticed a box labeled “provisional ballots” left behind at her school, it raised concerns.

This week, following election day, Lakeisha Sorey found a box that seemed to have uncounted ballots in it at Miramar Elementary School in Broward County.

Sorey took a picture of the box and told authorities about it, claiming that she didn’t want people to think she tampered with it.

“I wasn’t touching it. I don’t want anybody to say I tampered with anything. But I want to make sure that if there are votes in there that they’re counted,” she said.

“It makes me question everything that’s going on—just the fact that I want everyone’s vote to be counted.”

According to Politico’s Marc Caputo, “Sorey said she spotted the box before leaving school about 4 p.m. She spoke to her principal who advised her not to touch it. She also spoke later to a state rep who referred her to me.”

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