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Eric Trump: ‘It Would Be Foolish For My Father To Release Tax Returns’

It seems the media is beginning to scratch the fact that the presumptive Republican nominee is hiding information that voters need to know to make an informed evaluation of his candidacy for president.

And as a growing number of Donald Trump’s supporters are urging the GOP nominee to release his tax returns, his son, Eric Trump, claims that “it would be foolish” for his father to release his father’s tax returns because… well he’s under audit by the government.

However, the IRS has said individuals are not prohibited from sharing tax information while being audited. And there is precedent for doing so: President Richard Nixon released his tax returns during an audit.

But Eric Trump remained unconvinced by calls to release the information. “You learn a lot more when you look at a person’s assets. You know how many hotels we have around the world?” Eric Trump said in a Wednesday interview with CNBC.


The simple fact that the Republican nominee feels that he is above any precedent on releasing tax returns should alarm voters. Additionally, there is nothing stopping Trump from releasing previous returns for years not currently under audit. But he won’t do it. The reason?

“Are you guys kidding me?” Eric Trump said. “You know how many hotels we have around the world? You know how many golf courses we have around the world?”

But some Republicans are not buying it. Last week, Roger Stone, a longtime Republican political operative called on the businessman to release his returns “immediately.” Also, Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) warned his continued ability to support Trump will “in part be driven by whether Mr. Trump keeps his word that he will release his tax records.”

The truth is, Donald Trump is not going to be able to hide what is in his tax returns. The truth is bound to come out, and when it is revealed, it could derail his presidential campaign. So I’m not surprised to hear Eric Trump say that “it would be foolish” for his father to release his tax return.

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